Ahmet Yalçın Özüekren, Architect, Ph. D

He was born in Istanbul in 1948. He started his university education at the faculty of architecture of the Istanbul Technical University after being graduated from Lycée Saint Joseph, French high school in Istanbul. Soon after his graduation from the university as an architect - engineer, he joined the faculty of architecture as a research and education assistant. He received his Ph. D. from the same university in 1982 and appointed to a new position as a lecturer.

Dr. Yalçın Özüekren

Dr. Özüekren departed from the university in 1983 and founded his design and construction company. In the begining, teh activities were concentrated on the design, construction and production of wooden building components in a wood workshop owned by the company. Afterwards, this workshop developing its activities towards interior design and production, gave birth to a new company - KOVUK Interior Inc. While the former KOVUK Construction, LLC. maintained its activities as it was planned in the begining. He is actually the chairman of the board of both companies.


Kovuk LLC Headquarters Main Building

Dr. Özüekren is a member of the Turkish Architects and Engineers Association, Istanbul Architects Association and Turkish Timber Association.

Dr. Özüekren, married, has a daughter. His wife Prof. Dr. Şule Özüekren is member of the education staff of the faculty of architecture, Istanbul Technical University and actually teaching construction sciences. Their daughter, architect with master's degree in restoration, is a board member of the company.

Dr. Özüekren was nominated as a candidate for "Aga Khan Architecture Award" twice, once in 1995 by Hisar Houses and later in 1998 by Four Seasons Hotel.