About Kovuk

The oldest company in the group is KOVUK Construction Company, which is founded in 1984. Since then, the company, has been maintaining its activities in the fields of planning, architectural and engineering design and control, construction and real estate development. The headquarters of the company is located at Istanbul, Besiktas in an historical building owned and restored by the company. Kovuk has been delivering services to; hotels, convention centers, resorts and spas, schools, office buildings, sports and recreational facilities, restaurants, shopping centers and industrial complexes.

By applying excellent selection techniques and efficient purchasing principles early in the project, by integrating its architects, engineers, interior designers and suppliers throughout the entire process, Kovuk is able to deliver sustainable, functional and cost effective projects.

Fields of Application:


Sustainable settlements are so to say people's HOPE CENTERS to respond to their expectations for a better job and living environment. The reflections of those expectations to planning however are:

- Effective evaluation of local resources and energy,
- Shortening home-work place distance as much as possible,
- To encourage public transportation system,
- Construction of low rise houses in harmony with nature,
- To give emphasis to cultural and recreational facilities,
- To get the settlements and houses identified by creating typological differences.

The above summarized reflections which require multi disciplinary work, constitutes our company's planning guidelines.

Architectural Design & Engineering

It is obvious that, in the contemporary conditions with decreasing natural resources and increasing environmental pollution, the use of local resources and environment friendly energy sources in both production and consumption are the most important requirements for a better future. Another important requirement is that the designed building-like a machine- should perform the expected functions effectively and economically with minimum maintenance and repair. It is possible to meet this requirement through the harmonization of architectural and engineering projects during the design phase. The success of our company lies in the fact that we do not only meet these requirements through our designs but also create built environments reflecting an identity which is not hating the traditional rather than forcing for "fashion" aesthetic issue.

Kovuk LLC Headquarters Main Building Entrance


Given the reality of design becoming an architectural piece of art in the sole condition of getting transformed to brick and stone, our company believes that the construction phase needs to be handled as seriously as the design. The reflection of this belief to the construction site is a successful planning and organization. In this organization leaded by experienced site and support group personnel, our finishing elements manufacturing workshop and well qualified sub-contractors undertake important tasks. Without giving any compromise in quality, giving priority to local workmanship and material sources is one of our company's basic principles.

Real Estate Development

Real estate investment and development are amongst the main activities of our company; planning, architectural and engineering designs-inspection and construction.

These investments, reflecting quality and symbolic value are predominantly in the field of housing.